Staying at Watercolours

To make your vacation with us as enjoyable as can be at Watercolours, we would like to inform you about some of the services and policies we employ here at Watercolours. If you have any further questions about your stay, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Office Hours

REM Services Ltd, the property manager, is open for your convenience Mon-Fri 8.30am to 5pm. You will be provided with an emergency contact for your property manager for outside these hours upon your arrival.  The concierge on-site is also available to assist you with questions you may have.

Check In/ Check Out

Check In time is 3pm.                         Check Out time is 11 am.

Please advise REM Services of your flight information to arrange a suitable time to meet at the property for check in and check out.

Key Return

All room keys issued to you upon check in must be returned to the property manager upon departure.  If keys are not returned, we are required to charge to change the locks at the unit at your expense and you will be charged USD$200.  If you have lost one of the keys provided we will charge you for key cutting USD$20 per key.

Property Security

The Cayman Islands takes pride in being one of the safest destinations in the Caribbean.  We are also aware that things can happen to anyone, anywhere.  Because of this, The WaterColours provide 24 hour security on the property for your peace of mind.  We do ask that you keep your windows and door locked when you are not in the unit for extra peace of mind.  Each unit is equipped with a safe for your convenience; please take full advantage of it. We cannot be held responsible for any damage or loss of personal items left unsecured in the unit. The security office can be reached on telephone number +1 (345) 947 7996.

Pool and Jacuzzi

Please observe the posted rules for the pool and Jacuzzi.  The WaterColours does not have a lifeguard on duty and therefore require that children under the age of 12 years old must be accompanied by an adult in the pool area.  The WaterColours cannot be held liable for any injury or death that occurs from ignoring these rules.  The WaterColours reserves the right to ask a guest to leave the pool or Jacuzzi for disregarding the pool rules.  Running, pushing, frisbee, ball and sports are not permitted in the pool area.  Please use the beach for these activities.  No glasses, glass bottles or china allowed at the pool area.  We ask that you rinse off before entering the pool or Jacuzzi.  Please do not wash off your dive equipment in the pool.  If you carry any food or drinks to the pool area, please ensure you take everything back to your unit when you are done.  The two metal dispensers next to the water dispensers have SPF 50 sunscreen for you to use.  If infants and small children are not potty trained, the appropriate diapering is required and not provided on property.

The controls for the hot tub are on the wall on the south side of the breezeway.  If you first push the heater button the red light will go on and you will see a little current in the hot tub.  You can push the jets and you will get the rolling bubbles.  If you want the jets can be used without the heater.  The lights button will turn on and off the pool lights.  Children under 12 years may be accompanied by an adult (21 or older).  Absolutely no infants permitted in the whirlpool.

BBQ Area

Due to fire regulations, charcoal or gas grills are not allowed inside the apartment, on the balconies or on walkways.  The BBQ area is found on the pool/beach front, please be considerate of other owners and tenants and be sure to tidy the BBQ areas to the original state after use.


The WaterColours has one of the most beautiful sections of beach on Seven Mile Beach.  The WaterColours is a privately owned property for the use of the owners and guests only.  The lounge chairs on the premises are for exclusive use by owners and guests.  Under no circumstances should chairs be placed in the sea or moved beyond our property lines, indicated by the rope fence.  The Cayman Islands is a very conservative country and public nudity is against the law.

Gym, Massage Room and Conference Room

The WaterColours has a private gym on site which we invite you to make use of.  The use of all fitness equipment is restricted to persons over the age of 14 years.  Users between the ages of 14-16 years must be under supervision of an adult.  Proper attire must be worn.  Please do not use the equipment if you are wet or have sand on your body.  There are controls for the curtains and the large TV by the south door, there is also a control 4 remote control that will work the TV.  There are 3 Dyson fans in the room and the remote control Velcroed to the fan by the door this will control all 3 of the fans.  The use of the massage room can be reserved by contacting the concierge, who can also arrange for a masseuse, beauty therapist, physical therapist etc, to visit the property on your behalf.  Charges will be billed separately.  The conference room can also be reserved by contacting the concierge, who can arrange catering services on your behalf. Any charges for outside catering will be billed separately.

Owners Conservatory and Lounge Area

The owner’s conservatory is open to residents at all times, unless there is a pre-scheduled resident event.  Please book any private functions through the concierge with at least 14 days’ notice.  Please be fully dried and toweled before entering the conservatory.  Shoes must be work at all times.  There is a Control 4 remote control for the TV and music in the conservatory. The blinds can be controlled by the wall switches by the bar.  Coffee is available all day either on the bar during the morning or in the kitchen throughout the day.

There is a list behind the bar that you can fill out if you take any alcoholic beverages.  The phone on the concierge desk can be used to call out to any local numbers by dialing 9 then the number.  You can also reach security by pushing the appropriate button.

Children under the age of 16 years must be accompanied by an adult.

Visitors and Parking

If you have visitors (not resident) in your unit we ask that you advise the security office.  Visitors to The WaterColours must be accompanied by one tenant of the unit at all times.  The WaterColours is a private property and unaccompanied visitors will be considered to be trespassing and will be asked to leave the property by security.  The WaterColours has 4 cars belonging to the complex. These can be booked for travel for an extra charge.  Vehicle transfers within West Bay to South Sound area are US$10 each way/car, and to and from the airport US$20 / car.  Please note that private parties and larger group function may incur charges for additional staff and resources.  They will be assessed at the time of booking. The security on site will valet any rental cars and bring them up upon request.

Unit Capacity

This unit has maximum capacity of 8 people.  Any violation of this policy will result in extra charges and eviction from the property.

Towels and Beachwear

Each condo provides you with beach towels.  Please do not leave them on the beach or at the pool.  You will be charged for each lost towel.  The drying of clothes, towels or hanging or displaying of any items from the balcony railings or any outside area is not allowed.  Leaving towels on lounge chairs to reserve them for an extended length of time is not acceptable.  The presence of a towel or personal effects may reserve a lounge chair for a maximum period of one hour.  Management is authorized to remove items contravening this regulation.


We provide maid service to our guests three times per week.  The Housekeepers will make the beds, vacuum, sweep and mop the floor, clean the bathrooms and kitchen and generally clean the unit.  Each unit has its own laundry facilities.  Please keep wet/sandy beach towels off the furniture; wash and dry beach items daily as needed.  The housekeeping is not responsible for washing personal laundry or dishes.  You can have additional housekeeping services, at USD$20 per hour.

Dry Cleaning bags, via Puritan Cleaners, are provided to each apartment. Order forms are available through the concierge. Should you not wish to complete the forms provided items are received by Puritan are non-disputable.  For same day service, please deliver your bags to the concierge before noon. The use of this service will be a separate charge.

Garbage Disposal

We have a garbage bin on each floor to the south of the elevator vestibule- all your household garbage can be placed in here.  If you have any dead batteries that need discarding you can bring them down to security for proper disposal by the Department of the Environment.

Unit Inventory

Each unit at The WaterColours is privately owned.  These owners are happy to have you stay in their “home away from home”.  Each unit is individually decorated and fitted with its’ own unique inventory.  Please do not remove any items from the unit.  The units have been thoroughly inspected before your arrival and any damage or removal of items in the unit will be charged back to you upon check out.  Please contact REM Services if you discover any damage or equipment malfunctioning.  Do not attempt to fix any equipment in the unit.

Utility Conservation

We ask all guests to be diligent with the conservation of electricity and water.  Please operate the air conditioning with windows and doors closed.  Use water sparingly where possible. Electricity and water are expensive to produce on the island and we appreciate all you can do to help us conserve this valuable resource.

Telephone Usage

There is an internet phone in your room which can be used for local calls free of charge.  The unit number will be provided upon check in.  There is also a phone located in the lobby lounge which can also be used for local calls.

Internet Access

Every Unit has its own internet network; the name and code will be provided upon check in. The common areas also have a communal Wi-Fi for your use, the network is ‘WaterColours wifi’ and the passcode is ‘wccwifi1’.

TV/Apple TV

Each bedroom has its own flat screen TV and Apple TV box.  There is basic cable provided throughout the unit and you can use the apple TV with your own Apple ID sign in credentials.

Emergency Contacts/ Hurricane Preparedness

The number for emergency services in the Cayman Islands is 911 for Police, Fire and Ambulance Services.

REM Services Ltd can be contacted during office hours on +1 (345) 925 2647 and after hours you can call your property manager on the mobile provided at check-in.