Visiting the Cayman Islands


The weather we all wait for in Cayman is our very short but long anticipated “winter” months, from mid-November to April.  During this period, there is little rain, brilliant sunshine and most importantly we get, what the locals fondly call, the “Christmas Breeze”!  These lovely cool months, thankfully coincide with our peak tourist season.  May – November are our rainy months, thankfully, it never really rains for too long unless there is a tropical depression sitting over us.  Hurricane Season is from June 1-November 31, all warnings must be taken very seriously.


If you are staying on 7mile Beach/West Bay/Georgetown taxis and buses are easy to come by.

However, for ease of getting around, we recommend renting a car as there is very limited public transport on this end and taxi’s can be costly. If you are driving yourself we drive on the left side of the road here. For more information about renting a car and the traffic rules in Cayman please click here

Remember we drive on the left side of the road!

Arrival in Cayman

Money & Banking

All banks in Cayman stick to mandatory due-diligence requirements. The exchange rates is USD$1.20 =CI$1.00.  US dollars are generally accepted island wide, however you will be given KYD as change.

Telephone Services

The mobile providers in the Cayman Islands are Digicel and Flow.


In Cayman, we enjoy TV through cable, satellite, Direct TV, Dish network or Apple TV.  You will get access to most of your favorite shows just like at home!

Most of our properties have smart TVs so you will be able to access your Netflix and other personal accounts. Remember to log out before you leave.

Electricity – CUC – Caribbean Utilities Company

Our provider of Electricity is Caribbean Utilities Company, they provide island-wide power to our homes, schools and businesses. We can occasionally have outages, but they do not last very long, so do not panic if it happens during your stay. There will be candles and torches inside each unit if your property does not have a generator. We ask that you keep windows and doors closed during the day to conserve electricity and help stop mould growth inside the house.


Water in Cayman is safe to drink from the tap, although may be a little warm! Most properties fridge’s will have a water filter and ice and water dispenser built into the front of the door to enjoy during your stay. You can also buy bottled water from the local shop or supermarket.

Island Life

Cayman offers exceptional services and you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to the endless options we have available.  There are an abundance of highly qualified and trained professionals when it comes hairdressers, nail technicians, baby sitters, photographers, event planners etc. We can recommend, just ask!

Baby sitters/Nannies

You can expect to pay in the region of CI$10-15 per hour for a good babysitter depending on number of children. We would be happy to recommend a great sitter for you if you need a night away from the kids!


Oh the spas and salons are endless… pamper yourself after a hard day’s work with the most amazing beauty treatments.  A 15-17% gratuity is customary. Some are even open on Sundays!


Cayman has much to offer when it comes to the ever necessary retail therapy and not just for duty free items.  From the very high end to the amazing bargains, we have it all.  There is no need to shop abroad, you can buy almost anything locally – what goes around comes around, we encourage everyone to support local businesses. You can find some great souvenirs and duty free perfumes and Jewelry in George Town, higher end clothing and swimwear in Camana Bay and luxury brands in the hotel lobbys across the island. Wednesday night at Camana Bay showcases local artists and craftsmen at the farmers market, get down there early for the best pieces!


Cayman Grocery stores carry a wide range of well-known overseas produce and products as well as our very own locally grown fruits and veg.  All the stores have a great selection of meat and fish, don’t be afraid to ask when the meat came in and which is freshest.  We have 3 main grocery stores in Cayman, Kirk Market, Fosters Food Fair and Hurley’s Marketplace – open Monday – Saturday. All stores are closed on Sundays, so get the shopping ahead of time, if you arrive to Cayman on a Sunday flight, we can help you pre-stock the fridge in advance! Just ask us 🙂 Otherwise, the gas stations will supply basics.

Food and Drinks

Cayman is a mecca for foodies, the culinary capital of the Caribbean – there are countless restaurants and bars dotted through the island, with a wide variety of delights to choose from. Pick up the ‘Flava’ magazine for free from the supermarkets or gas stations to give you a great insight to the islands best!

Cayman has a very impressive food and wine scene which caters to all our budgets from the haute cuisine to the cheap and cheerful; something to please everyone will be found.

Sunday brunch is a MUST on Island! Most of the main hotels offer a huge buffet style brunch with bottomless prossecco and cocktails, lots of restaurants also do Sunday brunch, booking is usually required.

Health and Wellness

Cayman offers a wide spectrum of medical services with three full equipped hospitals, a large amount of clinics and many private specialist doctors and GPs.  .   The emergency number is 911.

Sports & Fitness

Living in Cayman gives you the opportunity to become actively involved in a wide variety of sports at all fitness levels.  We have the weather for it all year round!!!  Getting involved in sports activities is a great and healthy way to meet new people and get involved in the community.   Our sports scene in Cayman is a wonderfully social bunch who are very welcoming and accommodating.  For those of you who prefer to work out alone, there are a few high quality fitness centers with great equipment and classes.  Keep an eye on the events calendar at or